Lets Get Started
A 'Real Point of Difference'

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

If I've learnt nothing else in over 35 years of my working life, it is that 'If, Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes'.

I've always felt, ('the elephant in the room') price for services rendered, at the introductory meeting, is awkward in that, 'how does a potential new client know the true value of what they can expect from me'.

So to get things started, I will let the client determine what they feel my true value to them and their business is worth.

No! I haven't lost my marbles......or dropped in from another planet, it's just that what I do is not about the money, it's about the journey, BUT I'm not a soft touch either.


Like you, I need to know a lot about someone that I intend sharing my creative influences with, and I have no time to negotiate with anyone on matters concerning respect, integrity and of course money.


I apoligise if you, the reader, finds the above mentioned statement offensive, however please respect that I am a 'one man band operation'  that in business, values time & great service, above everything else.

So if you're still interested in a catchup to discuss your needs, please contact me at your convenience - 24/7